Locker Room Renovations

4/11/22 Update

The men’s locker room is scheduled to reopen April 11 at 6:30 AM.


Starting April 11:
Due to the extent of the damage discovered in some of the locker room plumbing, there was a decision made over the weekend to commence the construction of the women’s locker rooms — at once.
To repeat: The renovation of the women’s locker room begins immediately.

Please read below to familiarize yourself with the following changes as they might affect your daily schedule.

And, swimmers:
Please click [HERE] to view our modified pool schedule. We did our best to minimize interruptions to your normal swim schedule.


Remember, the locker room renovation launches in two phases:

Phase I: Men’s  Locker Room Renovation … Complete
Phase II: Women’s Locker Room Renovation … Starting April 11. Project end date TBD.


Phase I
Men’s Locker Room
The men’s locker room renovation is complete!

  • The space has been newly-renovated to feature all-new plumbing, tiling, lighting, shower doors, accessories, and more. While we’re hard at work to give the women’s locker room the same five-star treatment, there will be alternating, shared use of the men’s locker room.

Modified Pool Schedule

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