Superhero Academy for Nursery boys

Pre-K or Upper Nursery boys (4-5 year olds)

Fridays, 12:15-3:00 PM

Starts Friday, Oct. 20

Arrival 12:15-12:30 PM
Program 12:30-2:45 PM
Dismissal 3:00 PM

10 sessions
for $349

$140 for door-to-door bus home

Kids love imitating mighty superheroes, battling the bad guys and flexing their superpowers. Pretending they’re superheroes is one way for them to gain a sense of confidence and competence in a positive way.
Pre-K kids are our sponges and they will have an opportunity to soak up learning through activities that will focus on Superheroes with a great balance of academics, sports, making friends and learning new skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Jewish heroes will also be explored.

• Superhero Projects
• Fitness and Movement Games with PopFit®
• Martial Arts with KMC Centers of America®

Program will include visits from Superhero characters and end with a Superhero Obstacle Course.

You must register for Flatbush programs through the Flatbush Ladies’ Auxiliary