Welcome to the SCC!

Rochelle Dweck & Joey D. Tawil – Co-Chairpeople

A great way for your family to stay connected to the “Center” of our community!!

SCC membership entitles you to all of the following:
• A state-of-the-art Fitness Center plus 2 roof-top racquetball courts
• The most modern Early Childhood facility with 13 new classrooms
• 2 renovated Gymnasiums with Free Play hours every night for kids and adults
• Special member rates for trips & events for every member of the family
• Teen & Junior Lounges with after-school programs
• The opportunity to participate in Group Exercise classes with the best fitness instructors in NYC
• Access to Sunday Trips & Sports Leagues for children of all ages

With programs and events for every age and every interest, the SCC offers many different types of membership. Read below and find the right one for you!

Prorated Membership Fees: Effective January-June 30th, 2015

(Building fund may apply)

Family Membership
For families with kids in Sunday programs, teens on trips, adult basketball leagues and women’s exercise classes — the whole family can become members for one low price.

Individual Membership
For anyone, regardless of age or marital status. This membership category is ideal when only one member of the family wants to use the facilities, join a league or program or take Group Fitness classes.

Youth Membership
Kindergarten"12th graders
excludes Travel Basketball Teams

Empty Nester Couple
Now that the kids are all grown up and out of the house, it’s time to take care of yourself! Enjoy swimming, exercise classes, trips and more!

Older Adults
Couple: $225 / Individual: $125
For adults 65 years or older.

Men’s League Membership
By popular demand, we have established a membership that lets you in the nights you play your games.

Special Membership Promotions:

Early Childhood
For members interested in our Nursery School, we offer a special membership rate of $365 and your Building Fund deferred for 1 year.

For Newlyweds
Mabrook & Mazel Tov on your recent marriage!
Our wedding gift to you is FREE SCC membership for your first year of marriage, the 2nd & 3rd at half price. This special offer is valid for couples who are children of current SCC members.

New applicants must be sponsored by an SCC member in good standing.

Scholarships Available
If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us to discuss your membership needs. All requests are confidential.


Fees and Class Size
Membership in the Sephardic Community Center is a prerequisite for participation in almost every program. Certain programs, classes and events are open to non-members at a differential fee.

Cultural and informal education programs are offered throughout the year. Specialized activities such as Pre-school, Day Camp, educational courses, special children’s programs, concerts, etc. require additional fees. Members may be expected to bring additional materials to some classes.

In order to provide the fullest benefit to members, it is necessary to limit the size of certain groups. Registration will close when the maximum is reached. Additional groups will be formed if there are sufficient requests and if space allows.

In the event that registration requires 2 groups, groupings will be made by staff, taking into consideration the order of registration, requests and make-up of the group. The ultimate decision will be made by staff. There is no refund if there is a withdraws based on dissatisfaction with the group make-up. In the event that there is misrepresentation of age and grade, the SCC reserves the right to remove such individuals from the group and no refund will be made.

Membership Cancellation
The Sephardic Community Center reserves the right to revoke and/or suspend membership privileges at any time due to inappropriate or destructive behavior. Membership in the SCC is a privilege not to be misused. There will be no refunds made for revoked or suspended memberships.

Refund Policy
If a participant withdraws from a class or activity before the semester has started, a $25 administrative fee will be charged. The remainder will be refunded.

If one withdraws during the first to weeks of classes, in addition tot he $25 administrative fee, 25% of the class fee will be withheld from refund.

Out Pre-school programs, Culinary School, and Summer Day Camp have separate refund policies.

Low Cost Accident Medical Insurance
All members participating in Sephardic Community Center activities must participate in a Special Group Insurance Plan, regardless of age or sex. The rate is $20 per membership year. The coverage is in effect for all injuries caused by accident while in activities sponsored or supervised by the SCC. The benefits payable under the policy are payable in addition to any other insurance carried by the individual. The basic policy is subject to $200 deductible applying to each claim and a maximum reimbursement of $25,000. Certain sports activities are excluded from coverage, e.g., tackle football, ice hockey and snow skiing.

The policy does not pay for items or personal property such as special shoes, corsets, purchase of crutches, or items of similar nature, even if prescribed.

Code of Conduct
Verbal abuse and/or the use of physical force against another person, or with actions that damage SCC property, will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or loss of membership privileges. SCC management reserves the right to request that offenders vacate the premises.

Please note: Children under the age of 10 unattended by an adult can not be in the building after 9:00 PM.


For more information:
Email Lea Levy, Membership Director or call 718-954-3135
Email Normal Mandel, Operations & Financial Resources Director or call 718-954-3134