Please note: THE FITNESS CENTER WILL BE CLOSED THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 AND THURSDAY, MAY 23 as we install new strength equipment. The Fitness Center will re-open on Friday, May 24, 6:30 AM to 2:45 PM.

Youth Services

Sponsored by the Bailey, Jerome, & Horovits Families

Discover your passions. Reach for the sky.

The Center provides an exciting array of safe, fun and meaningful experiences for our pre-school through 8th grade children. Our age-appropriate offerings cover it all, from sport to art to dance and beyond. Choose from basketball, football, competitive dance, roller hockey, baking, cooking, building, fun-filled day trips, chesed activities, and so much more. Children learn, socialize and give back in a wholesome environment rooted right here in our community. Programs run on Sundays, after school, and during school vacations, holidays and school half days.

Youth Programs

Our Youth Programs contains an extensive list that covers so many different interests and activities. We strive to provide programming for all children, no matter where their passions lie or what age they are.

We offer Friday Programs (after-school), Sunday Programs, and Vacation programs (as needed).

Sunday Programs

Our Sunday Programs offer children the chance to explore their interests, spend time with friends, and give their weekends structure. Select your child’s age below to view available program, or browse our full program menu.

Friday Programs


Youth Program Information

Here is where you will find all our information about programming. Please select what information you would like to view from the list below:

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Sunday Arrival/Dismissal
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Holiday & Vacation Programming

We offer Holiday and Vacation programs to fill the days when school is closed. Give your child a day of fun, games, sports, crafts, and more while you are able to get through your to-do list.

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Youth Leagues & Sports

Sports and healthy competition are such important parts of the youth in our community. Children who join our Youth Leagues learn so much more than just a sport. It gives them an opportunity to gain skills, engage in sportsmanship, build friendships, and invest in something that makes them proud.

Click on our Leagues below to veiw Stats and Roster information:

To view ALL Youth Leagues STATS and ROSTERS, please click here.

For more information about Youth Leagues or to join, contact Lillian at Lillian[at]




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Harry Chazanoff

Director of Youth & Family Services / Director of Day Camp

Director of Youth & Family Services and Director of Day Camp Harry runs all of the Center’s Youth Sports programs and events during the year. He supervises programs for as…

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Ruthy Louzeh

Birthday Party Coordinator

We are delighted to introduce our newest team member, Ruthy Louzeh, who joins us as our Birthday Party Coordinator. Ruthy’s passion for event planning and her innate creativity have found…

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Lillian Ebani

Managing Director of Youth & Family Services

Lilian always wanted to teach. “I want every child to experience as many new things as they can, in a safe and nurturing environment,” says Lilian, the Center’s Assistant Program…

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Greta | FRI, FEB 01, 2019

Lillian Ebani: The Caring Force Behind So Much Center Fun

Greta | FRI, FEB 01, 2019

By Renée Beyda The next time you drive by Avenue S and Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, lift your eyes way up high to the third-floor corner of the Sephardic Community…

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