Meet the Center Staff

Pictured here are the dedicated professionals who live, learn, and love the Center way of life, every day.

We are a results-oriented staff that is committed to putting smiles on faces, filling our hallways with laughter, and making your Center experience a memorable one.

How do we do it? By offering innovative programming, thinking and planning like a customer, and ripping out the word “impossible” from our dictionaries.

Let’s work together on something great. To contact us, send an email to [email protected] or call our main number at (718) 627-4300.

Executive Staff

Joseph D. Tawil

Chief Executive Officer

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Sabrina Maleh

Chief Program Officer

Sabrina Maleh has been involved with the Magen David Yeshivah organization for over 25 years, in various capacities and holding different roles such as board member, writing teacher, Director of…

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Norman Mandel

Associate Executive Director/CFO

Associate Executive Director Norman Mandel works to promote and enhance every aspect of the Center and has been doing so for over twenty years. Norman continually searches for innovative and…

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Program Staff

Harry Chazanoff

Director of Youth & Family Services / Director of Day Camp

Director of Youth & Family Services and Director of Day Camp Harry runs all of the Center’s Youth Sports programs and events during the year. He supervises programs for as…

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Lillian Ebani

Managing Director of Youth & Family Services

Lilian always wanted to teach. “I want every child to experience as many new things as they can, in a safe and nurturing environment,” says Lilian, the Center’s Assistant Program…

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Linda Eber

Director Social Services

Linda has always felt the pull of purpose. “Ever since I was a young child, I wanted to do work that would help other people. I want to do mitzvot…

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Sarah Harary

Young Adults Coordinator

The life of a Young Adults Coordinator is just as fun as it sounds. “I love being able to give back to my community and keeping the young adults involved,”…

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David Jolovitz

Director of Health & Wellness

David has been the Director of Health and Wellness for the Center since 2014, extending a health-and-fitness industry career that has included strength coaching, personal training and fitness management. Before…

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Lisette Lalo

Director of Early Childhood Education

“I want to make a difference in children’s lives, help them succeed and reach their full potential.” Lisette’s dedication to her work as Director of Early Childhood Education is evident…

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Ariel Mann

Youth Program Coordinator

In 2014, Ariel joined the Center family as a program staff member. Now, Ariel serves as a Youth Program Coordinator, creating fun and engaging events for our youngsters. Ariel strives…

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Aimee Mishaan

Director of Early Childhood Administration

As Director of Early Childhood Administration, Aimee’s motto is to approach her job with passion, sincerity and treat all the children as if they were her own. “My passion for…

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Ashley Rosen

Director of Senior Center / Fitness Center Supervisor

Growing up, Ashley’s grandparents were very much a part of her daily life, even until their last days at the ages of 94 and 95 years old. In fact, she…

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Gaby Shimoonov

Assistant Director of Health and Wellness

Gaby serves as the Assistant Director of Health and Wellness at the Sephardic Community Center. Gaby first started working in the Center in 2015 managing the health spa. A year…

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Kathy Shabot

Director of Arts & Culture

Kathy arrived at the Center in 2010 from a career in event planning and logistics for the hospitality industry. Those skills help her troubleshoot problems before they arise at the…

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Julie Sherr

Director of Women’s Culture Club

Julie started out working at the Center quite a while ago – in the Early Childhood Dept as a supervisor for 20 years. But after taking a few years off,…

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Constantine Voytenko

Director of Aquatics

“Every student excels in the pool at their own pace, and I love being a part of their progress.” Constantine has spent his career teaching children how to swim –…

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Administrative Staff

Gil Amar

Membership Director

Gil has been the membership director at the Riverdale Y since 2015. Gil spent more than 25 years in sports, health and fitness industries – as a competitive tennis player,…

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Pearl Cohen


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Elina Fried


As Controller, Lina handles payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and human resources, vital services that support the Center’s work in the lives of our community. She works directly with the…

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Mary Halabani

Marketing Manager

Mary always had a passion for marketing. “I love bringing exposure to events and opportunities that others might not know about,” says Mary, the Center’s Marketing Manager. “Working in such…

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Lilian Hasbani

Reception Desk Coordinator; Group Fitness Support Staff

Lilian’s always loved being around people. Before working as a receptionist in the building, Lilian was a morah for an Early Childhood program. “I’ve always enjoyed serving people in this…

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Ron Hope

Mailroom Manager

Ron took the helm of the Center’s mailroom in 2010 and has been running a tight ship ever since. “My motto on the job is no procrastination. I evaluate the…

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Ahava Kaplun

Executive Assistant

Every day, Ahava walks into the building with her chin up and a beaming smile on her face. “Something I love most about this job is the joy I feel…

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Yaffa Nachmani


Yaffa has been the Center’s Registrar since 1997, occupying a crucial administrative role that keeps the records straight for our hundreds of programs and thousands of members. She’s not afraid to try new approaches…

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Carmen Sabbagh

Accounts Receivable

Carmen takes pride in selling the Center – its programs, trips, and even raffle tickets. “When our community comes together at the Center for an event, it makes me happy,”…

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Greta Schwartz

Graphic Arts & Marketing Director

From an early age, Greta knew she wanted a career in the creative arts. So, she focused on her two favorite subjects while at Syracuse University — Graphic Design and Basket Weaving.…

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Milia Shacalo

Membership Associate

Milia has worked at the Center FOR THIRTY YEARS, and before that was professional administrative support for an interesting variety of employers, from freight forwarders to financial services. “I have always…

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Jamie Simon

Customer Service Manager

Happily for our members, Jamie Simon, the Center’s Customer Service Manager, is devoted to our community. “I love the chance to make connections with everybody who comes through the Center,” she…

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