Greta Schwartz

Graphic Arts & Marketing Director

From an early age, Greta knew she wanted a career in the creative arts. So, she focused on her two favorite subjects while at Syracuse University — Graphic Design and Basket Weaving. (Yes, she really did that.) One became a career, the other stayed a hobby. “When I win the lottery, I’ll retire to a sunlit studio and make baskets every day.”


Greta has been designing at the Center since 1998, hired as the agency’s first graphic designer. Since then, she has led the expansion and evolution of the department, from black and white photocopied fliers to full-color brochures and magazines, from weekly mailings to colorful and informative e-blasts, from minimal creative vision to a strong focus on brand and a robust social media presence.


And while over 15 years can make most things seem tiresome, that’s an impossibility at the Center. “The fast-paced, family-like atmosphere here not only keeps me on my toes, it makes everything feel fresh and exciting.”