Website Development Credits

The Center is a proud member of the JCC Digital Co-op

The JCC Digital Co-Op is a group of Jewish Community Centers that have collaborated to produce budget-friendly and modern JCC website design solutions based in the WordPress platform. The custom web development services are provided exclusively by the New Possibilities Group, LLC, a digital agency based in New Jersey.

The JCC Digital Co-op empowers the JCCs because they all have a similar set of functional requirements. The Co-op gives the JCCs the ability to quickly launch new websites that meet those requirements, including but not limited to, functionality such as advanced scheduling, news releases and updates, e-commerce capabilities, and CRM integration.

With NP Group, the co-op is able to provide a variety of digital production services:

Custom Web Design: Design of unique, bespoke website designs for use within the Co-op platform, including custom themes and website assets.

Website Maintenance Services: Support and maintenance tasks including WordPress management, security maintenance, and 24/7 uptime monitoring.

Custom Software Development: Development of unique software requirements such as CRM connectivity, partner integrations, and custom e-commerce functionality.

Current JCC Digital Co-op Members Include: