Please note: THE FITNESS CENTER WILL BE CLOSED THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 AND THURSDAY, MAY 23 as we install new strength equipment. The Fitness Center will re-open on Friday, May 24, 6:30 AM to 2:45 PM.

Lilian Hasbani

Reception Desk Coordinator; Group Fitness Support Staff

Lilian’s always loved being around people. Before working as a receptionist in the building, Lilian was a morah for an Early Childhood program. “I’ve always enjoyed serving people in this community, it wasn’t as big and diverse as the community in Syria. Emotionally supporting or helping people of all ages in any way I can brings me a lot of joy,” says Lilian.


Before joining The Center family, Lilian served as a security guard at the Canyon in Israel. Afterwards, Lilian worked in sales and studied Human Resources at Touro College for two years. Outside the office, Lilian enjoys learning about different cultures and languages. “I love studying language because I speak four languages – French, Arabic, Hebrew, & English.” Lilian also loves to end the day by doing as much chesed as she can.