Encore Music

The Communal Hub For Making Music

The Center’s Encore Music program includes an array of offerings for the whole community! We offer group classes and private lessons for all ages, early music, programming for senior citizens, community performances, and concerts. Encore Music Outreach brings our music programming and faculty to schools and other sites in Brooklyn and Deal, offering embedded daytime and afterschool classes.

The Center is the communal hub, where we come together to make music!

Private Lessons

The Center offers private lessons on a number of instruments: guitar, piano, violin, drumset, Arabic instruments, and more. Private lessons are held ON-SITE at the Center and TBD in Deal. By coming together on-site, students have access to our top-notch facilities, proper equipment, and are able to confer with others in a conducive and nurturing environment.

All private students are encouraged to perform. The Center hosts a culminating recital at the end of each session, in person and live-stream, for families and community members far and wide to come together to experience and celebrate their growth and achievements.

Private lessons are offered in 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min timeslots. Featured instruments include: piano, guitar, violin, vocals, drumset, ans Arabic instruments (oud, nay, darbuka, qanun). Registrations are typically for 12-week sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Late registrations are welcome, and will be pro-rated.

Registration fees for private lessons are:
$52 – 30 minutes
$70 – 45 minutes
$85 – 60 minutes

Students are allowed one (1) makeup lesson per registration session, IF cancelled with 24-hour notice. Less than 24-hour notice and you will be charged for the private lesson slot.

ZOOM private lessons are available for COVID quarantine or for those unable to come to the Center.

Private Lessons Form

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Group Classes

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Encore Early Jammers (ages 3-4, 5-6)

This fun & engaging group class gets our youngest learners moving & grooving, with different levels based on early age groups.

Intro to Guitar (ages 9+)

One of the most popular & versatile instruments around, the guitar accompanies everything. Young strummers learn to play chords, read popular song melodies, & how to accompany themselves singing in this dynamic group class.

Intro to Violin (ages 7+)

Study violin, a popular string instrument in European & Arabic music. Learn how to handle the instrument, read music, play as part of an ensemble.

Vocal Skills & Singing (ages 7-10, 11+)

Discover vocal pedagogy in this vocalist workshop. Learn how to use your voice for proper performance & projection.

Digital Music Production (ages 11+)

Learn how to make beats, remixes, & sequences, all on your very own computer! Build your tech production skills from scratch, make computer-generated tracks, & discover your personal voice.

Bucket Drumming (ages 7+)

Let’s make some jams, playing in a group. This is a great intro to drumming techniques & drum set.

Drum Circle (ages 10+)

Communal drumming, all levels of experience, coming together to feel the heartbeat of rhythm-making!

Music Theory & Ear Training (ages 12+)
Deepen your understanding of music by learning basic theory & ear training. Great for college prep!

Encore Rock Ensemble (ages 14+)
Jam out in this rock/pop ensemble, & get set to perform. Work with an ensemble coach who is active on the New York City music scene!

Encore Jazz Ensemble (ages 14+)

Work on America’s truest musical art form in a small ensemble, & get set to perform. Work with an ensemble coach who is active on the New York City music scene!

Encore Maqam Ensemble (ages 16+)

Intermediate to advanced players of Arabic instruments learn a repertoire of instrumental pieces & to work on taqsim (improvisation). Work with master musicians of Arabic maqam from the New York City music scene!

Encore Sephardic Boys Choir (ages 6-10; 11-16)

Work with one of the great ḥazzanim in our community. Boys will accompanied by professional musicians for several high profile performances each year, & get to participate in video & audio productions.

Beginning Oud (ages 16+)
Learn how to play the oud, the king of Arabic instruments, in this intro class. Learn basic oud techniques, maqam theory, & repertoire from the Middle East & North Africa.

Encore Ḥazzanut Workshop (ages 12+)

Work with master ḥazzanim from Brooklyn’s Sephardic community, on approaches to leading tefilot according to the Arabic maqam system.

Dance Basics (ages 7-10, 11+)

Practice basic techniques in several dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, street, & ballet.

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The Encore Outreach program brings the Center’s wealth of specialized music programming to your school or organization. We provide embedded music education programming daytime and afterschool, with a team of faculty members who specialize in different areas and subjects, as well as concerts, single-event programs, and more.

As part of the Encore Outreach network, students, participants, and families get the added benefit of calling the Center home. Musicians, students, and music lovers come together at the Center for recitals, special programming, and to take advantage of incentives for greater music collaboration.


Music Outreach Inquiry

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About the Director of Musical Arts

Dr. Samuel Torjman Thomas is a professional musician, CUNY professor of music, ethnomusicology (world music), and Sephardic Studies, as well as an associate program developer for several NYC cultural institutions. He and his family are members of the Brooklyn Sephardic community, residing nearby to the Center. “I’m deeply committed to the performing arts. I am super excited to see the Center serve as a nexus for musical life in the community.”


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