David Pardo Center Ballers Basketball League

2nd-10th grade boys & 5th-8th grade girls

David Pardo Center Ballers League

Sundays, times vary. Schedules posted online

(Online registration opens for Center members on Monday, Dec. 13; Phone registration for members only starts Thursday, Dec. 16. Opens community-wide on Monday, December 27.)

7 week competitive basketball league, 8th week is championship game, with
• Real Uniforms
• Real Refs
• Real Scoreboards
• Full Court

7 sessions + Championships starts Feb. 6

$350  |  Member discounted price: $275


Click below to register online:

2nd grade (class code: 11263)
3rd grade (class code: 11264)
4th grade (class code: 11265)
5th grade (class code: 11266)
6th grade (class code: 11268)
7th grade (class code: 11269)
8th grade (class code: 11270)
9th grade (class code: 11272)
10th grade (class code: 11273)

5th & 6th grade (class code: 11267)
7th & 8th grade (class code: 11271)