David Pardo Center Ballers Basketball League

1st-5th grade boys & 6th-8th grade girls

David Pardo Center Ballers League

Registration Through Sports Engine Only – Opens to MEMBERS FOR BALLERS ONLY on Tuesday, Dec. 12 (1st-5th grade) & Wednesday, Dec. 13 (6th-8th grade + girls).

Click to register through Sports Engine

Tuesday, December 12th
2nd grade: 9 AM
3rd grade: 10 AM
4th grade: 11 AM
5th grade: 12 PM

Wednesday, December 13th
6th grade: 9 AM
7th grade: 10 AM
8th grade: 11 AM
5th-8th grade girls: 12 PM
9th grade: 1 PM

Sports Engine Registration Information:

  • Create an account with Sports Engine at SephardicCommunityCenter.Sportngin.com
  • In the top left-hand corner click sign-in. Then click create an account.
  • If you registered through Sports Engine last semester or already created an account trying to register, you can skip this step. You should try to sign into your account before registration opening to make sure you can access your account easily.

On the dates/times mentioned above there are 3 ways to access the registration page.

  1. Go to the direct link to the registration page at https://sephardiccommunitycenter.sportngin.com/register/form/450989216 – The link to register will not be active until the times above.
  2. Visit our Sports Engine Web Page at https://sephardiccommunitycenter.sportngin.com   –  A link will appear on this page at the times above that says Register: David Pardo Center Ballers. Click on it.
  3. Visit the Ballers web page at https://www.scclive.org/ballersinfo/#overview.  Click the registration link from there.

To Register:

  • Enter your child’s information. We are really looking for the cell phone number of the kids 6th grade and up because we make chats for the players. If your child doesn’t have a cell number, just enter yours.
  • It will give you an option to add another child if needed.
  • Checkout, payment must be made in full. If you have a credit at the center, for Ballers only, you will need to pay via cc and then contact the center for the adjustment to be made.
  • NOTE: You must have your membership ACTIVE and all bills paid for your registration to be confirmed by us. We reserve the right to cancel your spot if both of those criteria are not met.



Sundays (Beginning Feb. 4)

2nd grade: 9 AM & 12 PM games
3rd grade: 10 AM & 5 PM games
4th grade: 11 AM & 5 PM games
5th grade: 12pm & 6 PM games
5th girls: 10 AM games
6th girls: 11 AM games
9th boys: 6 PM games



Saturday Nights (Beginning Jan. 13)

6th grade: 6:30 PM & 7:30 PM games
7th grade: 7:30 PM-8:30 PM games
8th grade: 9:30 PM games
7th-8th girls: 8:30 PM games

Registration for Center Football RedZone will also be on Sports Engine