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Ben Falah’s Incredible Fitness Transformation


Ben Falah’s Incredible Fitness Transformation

By: Gaby Shimoonov


At Center Strong, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our members who undergo transformative fitness journeys. Ben Falah’s story stands as a testament to dedication, perseverance, and the power of consistency in achieving remarkable results.

Ben’s Journey

In 2020, Ben embarked on his fitness journey, motivated by a desire for change and a commitment to better health. Over the span of three years, he underwent an incredible transformation, shedding an impressive 95 pounds. What’s even more inspiring is how Ben transitioned from working out in his basement to utilizing Center Strong’s state-of-the-art facility, where he continued to evolve.


Balancing Act

Despite his demanding career as a filmmaker, Ben remained steadfast in his commitment to fitness. Juggling his responsibilities at work alongside his workouts, he perfectly exemplified the importance of prioritizing health and wellness amidst life’s many demands.


Challenges Faced

Like many on their fitness journey, Ben encountered challenges along the way. Adjusting his diet proved to be one of the toughest hurdles to overcome. Like most of us, Ben loves food, and he often found himself wrestling with late-night binges. It took some time but Ben made positive adjustments in his relationship with food and ultimately found a balance where he can enjoy the foods he loves while pursuing his fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Advice for Others

Reflecting on his journey, Ben offers great advice to those struggling with their own fitness goals. He emphasizes the power of consistency, urging individuals to persevere even when results seem elusive. For Ben, it was the unwavering commitment to showing up, day in and day out, that propelled him forward and ultimately led to his progress.


Ben extends his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated team at Center Strong who supported him every step of the way. Special thanks to Remy Zohni, Rick Tejada, Lenny Saulkin, Jeff Lati, and Gaby Shimoonov for their guidance, encouragement, and unwavering support throughout his journey.


Share Your Story

Ben Falah’s remarkable transformation is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, consistency, and support. His journey serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that with perseverance and commitment, anything is possible. At Center Strong, we’re proud to be part of Ben’s incredible story, and we invite you to join us on your own journey towards a healthier, happier you.


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