J’son Stamper bio

J’son Stamper

At 6’6” 215 lbs., J’son Stamper was an incredibly versatile basketball player, playing three different positions professionally, and in college: as center, power forward, small forward, and guard.

This diverse playing background, and the unique set of challenges that come from playing each position, makes Coach Stamper well-equipped to teach basketball on a high level, and to players of all positions and backgrounds.

Hailing from the Bronx, where basketball is king, Coach Stamper played for the University of Minnesota, a Big Ten team, before moving on to play professionally overseas where he added several awards of distinction to his trophy collection.

“You don’t get better at basketball by chance,” Coach Stamper says. “It’s a craft you must spend time working to develop. In the end, the grind is worth it, though.”


• ABA Westchester Phantoms / Averaged a double-double, 24 ppg, 12 rpg
• Finland — JKS, 3rd Division / 2x Player of the Year, 3rd Division Champions, 2x Import Player of the Year


• 2x Winner, Eastern Conference Player of the Year Award / Then transferred to the Univ. of Minnesota

• First Team Honors, All-Region

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