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One person stands in the middle of the pool. Assign each of the four corners of the pool with either a color, number, or something else that’ll be easy to remember.
The person standing in the middle of the pool closes his eyes and says go. As soon as he says go, everyone else has to start moving around the pool from corner to corner. The person in the middle shouts stop (leaving his eyes closed) and everyone has to go swim to and stand in the corner they’re closest to.
The person in the middle then calls out one of the corners and everyone in that corner is out and either goes to an “out” section of the pool or out of the water. Once all of the people from that corner are out of the pool, the caller again says go and the game starts again.
Keep playing until only one person remains and that person begins the next caller.


Ping Pong Dash

Ping pong balls are fun in the pool because they float. Dump a bucket full in the pool and have teams of swimmers collect as many as they can and put them in their team’s bucket. The team with the most at the end wins. A fun variation is to use a sharpie to put numbers on the balls. At the end of the game players add up the numbers and the team with the most points wins.

Air Ball

The goal of the game is to keep a beach ball in the air for as long as possible as players bop the ball. Easy version is for players to use their hands, the harder version is to use pool noodles to keep the ball in the air.



Choose one person to be the shark (or two if you have more than 10 people) and everyone else are minnows to start. If you’re playing in a small pool, shark stands in the middle of the pool and minnows all stand one one side of the pool facing the shark. If it’s a large pool, choose a section of the pool and go from one side to the other, across the shorter length of the pool.
The shark says “fishy, fishy, come and play,” and the minnows have to start walking toward the shark and the shark stays put. Then whenever they want the shark can yell Shark Attack. When they yell Shark Attack, minnows have to try to run/swim to the other side of the pool without getting tagged by the shark. If they get tagged, they become a shark, so there are multiple sharks, for the next round.
Keep playing until there is only one minnow left who becomes the starting shark for the next game.


The person that is “it” goes around the circle tapping the people sitting on the head and saying, “Duck”. But instead of saying “Goose!”, the person that is “it” pours the cup of water onto the seated persons head and runs for it!
The person that got soaked jumps up to chase the person that is “it”. If the person that poured the water makes it all the way around the circle and back to the empty spot, they are safe and the person that got soaked is now “it”. If they are tagged, then they continue on as being the person that is “it” and go around the circle to soak another person.

Beach Ball Race

Grab a beach ball and a squirt gun and see who can move their ball to the finish line first.


Fill the Bucket

Each player gets their sponge wet and then runs to the the other side and squeezes their sponge into the container.
The winning team is the team who has the most water in their container. This can be played with a group, as a family, or just two kids.

Indoor Shuffleboard

Tape Roadways

Tape Target Games

Chalk Art

Tape Tic Tac Toe

Tape Hop Scotch

Bubble Pop Freeze Dance

Play some party music and have them dance. Have a few adults blow bubbles into the dance space, and ask kids to pop as many bubbles as they can.
When the music stops, kids must stop dancing, stop popping bubbles, and freeze in place. This becomes especially challenging for little ones who would rather keep popping bubbles than freeze. Anyone who fails to freeze, however, is out of the game before the next round begins. But players who are “out” don’t have to be sad, because they get to help blow the bubbles into the crowd. Keep playing until only one player remains in the dance space.

Bubble Wand Relay Race

Divide kids into two teams, and have them line up behind a starting line. Place a construction cone or some kind of marker several feet away from the starting line. One at a time, players must blow a bubble and then catch it on their wands. Once they have caught their bubbles, they must race to the marker and back without popping or losing their bubbles (if this happens, the player must go back and start over).
When they get back to their teams, the wands are passed off to the next players in line, who must transport their bubbles to the marker and back. Play continues until one team completes the task. This team wins.


Bubble Ninja

Similar to fruit ninja, have a child use a toy sword, broom stick or any type of stick you can find around the house. Blow a bubble and have them pop it with their sword. Then blow more bubbles and count how many they can pop with their sword in a certain time frame.

Bubble Tag

This is the classic backyard game of tag, but instead of tagging players with her hands, the player who is “it” must instead blow a bubble onto another player. Once a player is hit with a bubble, he is either out or has to take the place of being “it.”

Bubble Up

Have players form a circle. Choose one player to stand in the middle, and give that player a bottle of bubbles and a multi-holed bubble wand. Ask the player to blow as many bubbles as he can up into the air. The rest of the players have to try to keep them in the air or from popping by blowing on them (in an upward direction). When the last bubble is gone, a new player goes in the middle. Play until everyone has had a turn as the bubble blower.

Water Brigade

As one of the urgent assignments, your unit must put out a fire that is destroying civilian crops!! Divide everyone into two teams and line up the teams next to each other. Then, put a bucket full of water at the head of each line and give the first kid in each line a large cup full of water. About 40 ft away, place an empty bucket for each team.

Then blow a whistle or say “GO!”, The first person in each team runs to the empty bucket, pours the water into it, and races back to their team with the empty cup. They then give the empty cup to the next teammate who fills the cup, runs to the bucket, pours the water in it and brings the cup back to the next player. When each team member has run down and back again (or to make it longer, run down and back again twice) the game is over. To see which team has carried the most water down, insert sticks into each bucket and compare the water lines.

Hot Grenade B

This is played just like Hot Potato. As music is playing have children pass the “grenade” (we used a medium sized green ball). Once the music stops the person still holding the “grenade” is out! Keep on going until one person is left and is the winner!

Drill Sergeant Says

A Special Forces theme party version of Simon says. You can have an adult dress up in Special Forces clothes (with hat and sunglasses) to serve as the austere Drill Sergeant. He or she will give commands like: “Drill Sergeant Says — Do 5 Jumping Jacks!” The kids have to respond “Yes Drill Sergeant!” and then do what he/she says. If the Drill Sergeant didn’t say “Drill Sergeant Says” and a few of the kids carry on, they have to go down for a few push-ups.

Earth Day

Scavenger Hunts


Bubble Tag

This is the classic backyard game of tag, but instead of tagging players with her hands, the player who is “it” must instead blow a bubble onto another player. Once a player is hit with a bubble, he is either out or has to take the place of being “it.”