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Supplies: Multiple Ice Cream Flavors, Blindfolds
Can you guess the ice cream flavor?

Put out a few ice cream flavors, multiple toppings and sauces and different types of cones or bowls so everyone can make their own ice cream sundae!

Ice Cream Cone Stacking

Supplies: Flat Bottom Wafer Cones
Variation 1: Who can stack the tallest tower of cones.
Variation 2: Who can stack the most cones in one minute.
Variation 3: Jenga style, take turns stacking cones one by one, the person who makes them fall is out!

Ice Cream Cone Pong

Supplies: Flat Bottom Wafer Cones, Ping Pong Balls, Cardboard, Glue
  1. Set up the cones in a pyramid shape and glue the bottoms to the cardboard. Create a second pyramid exactly the same.
  2. Place the 2 pyramids opposite each other.
  3. Take turns tossing the ping pong balls to land in the ice cream cones.
  4. The first person to land a ball in each of their opponents cones is the winner!


Catch the Scoops

Supplies: Color Paper or Oaktag, Stapler, Light Ball or Balloons
Roll your paper or oaktag into a cone and staple it together.
Toss the balls into the air and have your partner catch the ball in their cone.
Variation 1: Balloon Toss Style, pair up, one tosser and one catcher. After each catch, the tosser takes a step back and tosses again.
Variation 2: How many catches can you make in one minute.
Variation 3: Have one thrower and a few catchers. The thrower will toss the ball and the catchers have to compete with each other to make the catch first.

Marshmallow Drop

Supplies: Ice Cream Cones, Mini Marshmallows
Have someone hold a cone in their mouth and bend their head back. A partner tries to drop a mini marshmallow so it will fall into the cone.

Sprinkles Relay

Supplies: Bowls, Spoons, Sprinkles
You can play this as a team or as individuals.
  1. Put sprinkles in bowls for each team.
  2. Place empty bowls at the other end of the room.
  3. The first player of each team scoops up a spoonful of sprinkles.
  4. Then they run to the bowls to dump the sprinkles.
  5. After that they run back and hand the spoon to the next team member.
  6. The team that gets their sprinkles first in the other bowl wins!

Ice Cream Relays

Supplies Needed: Ice Cream Cones, Small Balls or Water Balloons
Variation 1:
  • Each team gets a cone per person and one ball (you can substitute a ball with a water balloon with a little bit of water and the rest air.)
  • The race begins by the first person racing,¬†with the ball on their cone, to their teammate. If the ball falls off they must pick it up and go back to the beginning line.
  • They pass the ball to their teammates cone who them races it back or to the next teammate.
Variation 2:
  • Each person plays for himself and must race through a course without letting the ball fall off his cone. First person to finish will Win!
  • The first team to complete the race will win!

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