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Capture the Flag

Differentiate the teams with brown and green camouflage face paint. Assign a safe spot where each teams’ flags will be placed. Designate a jail area for each team. Assign defenders to defend the flag and the jail. Then assign attackers to try to steal the flag and break free jailed team mates. Assign attackers to capture the opposition who have crossed the enemy line and put them in jail. The game ends when the flag is captured and brought to the opposite side.

Kryptonite Disposer Race

-Kryptonite is poison to Superman’s powers. In this game, the superheroes race to remove all pieces of kryptonite without letting it touch their hands.

  • To make kryptonite, ball up some aluminum foil. To make then look more authentic, paint them green.
  • Place a bucket a certain distance away for them to dispose of their kryptonite,
  • They can use sticks to pick up the kryptonite and move it to the bucket.
  • You can play one player against another, one team against another team, or against the clock.

Powers Collection

Each Superhero will try to find as many different superhero powers as they can find. In the end, add up their points to see who wins.

  • Make powers a few different ways.
    • You can make your own beanbags by using socks filled will beans are rice and rubber bands. Choose different color socks to represent different powers.
    • You could also just make up powers on index cards.
  • Hide the powers around the house or the backyard.
  • The kids get some time to search for their powers.
  • Examples of powers:
    • Super Strength
    • Super Speed
    • Super Senses
    • X-ray Vision
    • Flying
    • Super Agility
    • Breathing Under Water
    • Electricity
    • Time Travel
    • Teleportation
    • Super Intelligence
    • Telekinesis: Moving things with your mind
    • Telepathy- Mind reading
  • Work on the super powers with the kids, and assign points to each based on what they feel are the best powers.
  • When they finish collecting, add up all their points to see who wins.

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