4th Grade Ballers League Rules




·         Every team plays 6 regular season games and 2 playoff games.
First game is February 5th, Finals are April 2nd


o   4th Grade Tip off at 11:00am or 5:00pm SHARP
All players are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to tipoff in order to warm up and practice with your team.
·         Games are four 7 minute quarters with a 2 minute half time.
·         Clock runs continuously, and only stops for whistles with less than 1 min left in the 2nd quarter and 2 min left in the 4th quarter.
·         Clock is held on the first free throw, once shooter receives the ball for 2nd shot, the time will start.
·         There is one, 3 minute overtime per game, after the 3 minutes if it is still a tie game ends in a tie.
·         4 timeouts per game. 2 per half. Does NOT carry over.


·         Each team has 7 players.
·         NO player may be substituted if a player quits, ejected, or suspended from the league.
·         Coaches must make sure that each player plays at least 50% of every game.
·         We play 5 on 5. If one team only has 4 players, game is played 4 on 4. If one team only has 3 players or less, we’ll start the clock but wait for a 4th player. If the first period ends before the 4th player arrives then that team forfeits. For every 2 minutes that were run off waiting for the 4th player, the opposing team will be awarded a technical foul.
·         Games may not be delayed waiting for a missing player.
·         Players MUST wear their jerseys to every game. If they have no jersey, they cannot play. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
·         Coach CANNOT be on the court while coaching. A warning will be given by the referee, after the warning, a technical foul will be given to the coach.
·         We are playing with 2 pointers only (no 3 pointers)
·         Free throws count as 1 point.


Fouls and Penalties
·         Players are allotted 6 personal fouls. After that, a technical foul will be allotted.
·         Shooting fouls result in 2 free throws.
·         Non-shooting fouls are inbounded from the sideline or behind the basket, according to where the foul took place.
·         After 7 Team Fouls is 1 & 1, 10 team fouls are 2 shots (this reset for 2nd half)
·         Can advance the ball to half court for inbound if you call timeout.
·         You have 5 seconds to inbound the ball.
·         There is a penalty for being in the paint for more than 5 Seconds. Referee will give a warning but after that it will be loss of possession.
·         Loss of possession if a player is holding the ball without moving for 5 seconds.
·         No Press. You can’t press or play defense outside of the 3 point line. The first press violation will result in a delay of game penalty. All subsequent violations are deemed technical fouls and a 10 second clock runoff.
·         Players have 10 seconds to advance the ball past the 3 point line. No dribbling out the clock. You can set up a play but then must proceed play.


Clock ALWAYS RUNS, EXCEPT when is stopped for the following:
–  on all whistles during the final 1 minute of the 2nd quarter and 2 min of the 4th quarters
                – on all substitutions
–         1st shot of a free throw
-Substitutions must be made from the table; the player should be waiting at the table to get in at next whistle
FULL COURT PRESS is allowed when:
–         4th grade -> 2 minutes left in the game
NO intentional fouls. We must teach our kids what “trying to foul”.
·         NO FOUL LANGUAGE-Not permitted and Ref will assess a technical foul.
A technical foul results in a personal foul and a team foul.
Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the game and will be suspended for their team’s next game.
Technical fouls are penalized two foul shots by a player on the offended team, selected by the coach, and possession of the ball.
Three technical fouls assessed to one team, regardless of the reason, will immediately cause the game to be forfeited. The team will leave the gym immediately.
Any coach receiving a total of 3 technical fouls in a single season will be suspended from coaching for the remainder of that season.
·         Any parent on the sideline deemed acting inappropriate will be asked to leave the gym.


Playoff Seeding
·         Quarterfinals will be 3 vs 6 & 4 vs 5. # 1 seed & # 2 seed will have byes to the semis and will play a scrimmage game against each other.
·         Semifinals matchups will be 1 Vs 4 and 2 Vs 3. Seeds 1 and 2 will play a simulated game.
·         Semifinal winners will play in the championship;
·         Seeds will be ranked in following order: Record>Head to head>Point differential among tied teams.


·         Any Player that acts unsportsmanlike, the ref can assess a technical foul to that player’s team.
·         Dads and spectators are required to stay on the side of the court designated by the chairs setup.
·         Scorekeepers/referees have final say in game matters. Please respect their authority and teach the kids to respect their authority.
·         Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams.