David Pardo Center Ballers Basketball League

2nd-6th grade boys

2nd grade: 9 AM games  8180
3rd grade: 10 AM games 8181
4th grade: 11 AM games 8182
5th grade: 10:45 AM games 8183
6th grades: 11:45 AM games 8184

Starts Sunday, Feb. 10

7 sessions + championship
for $335

Member discounted price: $259

7 week competitive basketball league, 8th week is championship game, with
* Real Uniforms
* Real Refs
* Real Scoreboards
* Full Court
* Dad Volunteer Coaches for 2nd-4th grades, hired coaches for 5th-6th grades

Combine with Gridiron Elite Football, Roller Hockey, or Basketball Wizards for a full Sunday of Center programming.

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2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
6th grade