1st-5th Grade Boys & Girls

Trip Club

Sundays, 11:30 AM–5 PM (Beg Feb. 4)

(Times may vary based on trip)

ONLINE & APP registration opens to Center members only on Monday, Dec. 18 for Sunday programs and Wednesday, Dec. 20 for Friday programs. TIMES VARY BY GRADE. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALL. PHONE/NON-MEMBER registration opens Wednesday, Dec. 27, 11 AM.

Trips will include:

  • Ringling Bros: The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Harry Potter: The Exhibition
  • The Color Factory/Balloon Museum (4th grade)
  • New American Museum of Natural History Glider Center with Butterfly Vivarium, Insectarium & Invisible Worlds Immersive Experience
  • STREB SLAM Lab with trapeze, trampoline, and other circus skills classes
  • American Dream Parks
  • Museum of Ice Cream/Beat the Bomb (5th-6th grade)

All trips subject to change based on availability and any new attractions opening in NYC.

8 trips (Beg Feb. 4)
$875  |  Member discounted price: $775

6 trips
$695  |  Member discounted price: $595


Click below to register:

1st grade: 8 trips (class code: 12436)
1st grade: 6 trips (class code: 12442)

2nd grade: 8 trips (class code: 12437)
2nd grade: 6 trips (class code: 12444)

3rd grade: 8 trips (class code: 12438)
3rd grade: 6 trips (class code: 12445)

4th grade: 8 trips (class code: 12440)
4th grade: 6 trips (class code: 12446)

5th grade: 8 trips (class code: 12441)
5th grade: 6 trips (class code: 12447)

6th grade: 8 trips (class code: 12512)
6th grade: 6 trips (class code: 12513)