DaVaughn Wilson

Facilities Director

DaVaughn’s main responsibility is to provide the Center’s with a respectful, professional approach to Facilities Management. “I am confident that my ability to understand the ever-changing environments we work and live in and immediately adjust to those changes whether it be cultural, mentally or psychologically make me maybe not perfect but qualified and adequate for this position and its demand for a flexible yet knowledgeable person,” DaVaughn states. “My absolute favorite thing about this community is the family orientated atmosphere. I enjoy that I am being evaluated by grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, aunts and lots of watchful eyed uncles that hold the Center in its highest regards.”

Before joining the Center staff, DaVaughn worked as a Facilities Director and owned a contracting company. He studied law in high school and psychology in college. DaVaughn draws creative inspiration from music.