Gentian Vata

Facilities Director

Gentian Vata finds immense fulfillment in his role as Facilities Director, largely due to the support and collaboration of his colleagues. With over a decade of experience managing residential and commercial properties, Gentian brings a wealth of expertise to his position.

His professional motto—”I don’t take no for an answer and anything can be done if you want“—reflects his determination and commitment to overcoming challenges. Coupled with his ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines, he is an essential asset to the Center.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Gentian’s personal mission is to inspire others to achieve greatness with kindness and self-awareness. With a degree in Italian Teaching/Interpreting and a minor in Communication Science, his diverse skill set aligns perfectly with his role. His strong knowledge of maintenance systems and extensive experience in building operations management ensure the smooth functioning of our facilities.

Outside of work, Gentian enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities. As an early riser, he finds creative inspiration in the tranquility of the morning hours. Gentian’s dedication, expertise, and passion for excellence make him a valuable member of the Center.