Michael Matsas

Membership Coordinator

Meet Michael Matsas, the newest addition to The Center as our Membership Coordinator.

Michael’s enthusiasm for fostering strong connections within communities is evident as he steps into this role. With a background in Brand Management, he brings a dedicated focus on enhancing the membership experience. ‘I strive to add value in everything I do professionally,’ says Michael, ‘while embracing a philosophy of being present and letting life unfold.’ His education in Computer Science and Marketing from Kingsborough Community College combines tech and business expertise.

Notably, Michael’s knack for connecting with people stands out, complementing his passion for art—seen through his love for painting and photography. Drawing inspiration from the uniqueness of the world around him, Michael is eager to contribute to The Center’s growth and create a vibrant, thriving community.

To learn more about membership, book a meeting with Michael at TinyURL.com/CenterMembership