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Grandma’s Dishes

July 20, 2023 @ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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July 20, 2023 @ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


July 20, 2023
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Kathy Shabot

Grandma’s Dishes

Simply Traditional presents Grandma’s Dishes: Bringing the past into the present

Thursday, July 20th, 10 AM–4 PM

Featuring a live demo by Sivan’s Kitchen

Community Chefs’ Demos

10 AM

Pamela Azizo (@pamelasplates): Friday Night French Beans
Marjorie Eida & Lauren Bibi: Parve Yebra
Renee Safdieh (@goodd_eatss): Sweet Garlic String Beans
Frances Palacci (@fransbalancedkitchen): Parve Lentil Lachmagine
Leah Nachmani (@dumb_and_delish): Clean Kibbe Cherry & Hamud In a Bag
Paulette Jemal (@themarriedwife): Zucchini Chicken
Cynthia Hidary (@cyn_eats_things): Sheet Pan Chicken and Potatoes
Shifra Hanon: Keskasoon, Parve and Meat
Joyce Chabbott (@joyceishungry): Kibbe Artichoke


11 AM

Susan Harari (@thehungryhippos_): Lachmagene Meat Pie with Wontons
Jaclyn Franco (@foodwiththefrancos): Spaghetti and Flanken
Claudia Bildirici (@claudiaathome): Kanafa Ice Cream
Ida levy (@kitchenaccomplished): Kibbe Meatball Hack
Eileen Missry (@kardio_and_kale): Artichokes Yebrah
Jaclyn Marcos (@peaceloveandcooking): Empanadas
Nava Beyda (@navoosh6282): Chicken Patties
Paulina Ashkenazi (@holykale): Maamoul Cookies
Sarah Maleh (@besteats__): Napoleon


12 PM

Julie Ebani (@julieebani): Carrot Mechshe
Joyce Sutton (@bestbite_): Baked Sweet Chicken Nuggets
Lauren Jemal Setton (@thinkoutsidetheplate): String Beans with Flanken
Adele Laboz: Kibbe Neye
Rachel Beyda Harari (@sauce__face): Chickpea Sauce
Margie Bijou (@margaretterose): Mejedreh (Rice and Lentils with Sizzling Onions)
Kay Robyn Ashkenazi (@kaysinthekitchen): Betty Crocker Schnitzel
Grace Esses (@tasteofgracee): Pistachio Marzipan Strawberry Shortcake
Arielle Nir Mamiye (@ariellenir): Eggplant Tachin (Crispy Persian Rice)
Florence Chera (@beyondmyrecipes): Mechshe Eggplant with Chicken

Price: $26

Includes gourmet lunch by Very Juice (@veryjuicebar) + Homemade by MJ (@homemade_by_mj)

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Family portraits for $101. Text Esther Mishan to sign up at (718) 986-0040
• Card tables for Loba, ConCan, and Canasta


Graciously hosted by Shella & Toby Cohen and Rosie & David Bawabeh

36 Deal Esplanade


For more information, click here to email Kathy Shabot or call her at (718) 954-3169