Please note: THE FITNESS CENTER WILL BE CLOSED THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 AND THURSDAY, MAY 23 as we install new strength equipment. The Fitness Center will re-open on Friday, May 24, 6:30 AM to 2:45 PM.

Personal Training

Personal Training


Our team of personal trainers has been hand-picked so that your weaknesses can most quickly be converted into strengths.

Furthermore, our innovative menu of personal training services fits every budget and busy schedule. Workouts are closely monitored by trainers who apply professionalism to their work, who won’t reach for their phones during a workout, and who won’t fill the session with time-burning small talk.

If you’re interested in surrounding yourself with people (and personal trainers) who will help you stay committed to a healthy lifestyle, then look for your reflection in our fitness enter mirrors.

Call David Jolovitz, Health & Wellness Director, to learn more: (718) 954-3155.

Explore our innovative
personal training menu.


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Scheduling an appointment

To schedule an appointment, or to receive the push you need to commit to personal training, contact:

David Jolovitz

Director of Health & Wellness

David has been the Director of Health and Wellness for the Center since 2014, extending a health-and-fitness industry career that has included strength coaching, personal training and fitness management. Before…

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