Open Play Pickleball Schedule

Mondays: 8 AM–12 PM (Blue Gym)

Tuesdays: 1:30 PM–5 PM (Blue Gym) and 8 PM–10:30 PM (Auditorium)

Wednesdays: 11 AM–1 PM (Auditorium) and 3 PM–5 PM (Blue Gym)

Thursdays: 1 PM–5 PM (Blue Gym)

Fridays: 8 AM–12 PM (Blue Gym)

Due to special events and other blackout dates, the schedule is subject to change.


The Center has everything you need to get started: paddles and portable nets for your indoor game. All levels welcome. Open play for members. No registration required.


Can Non-Members Play?

Non-members are able to secure a guest pass when arriving to the facility along with a Center member, but are limited to 5 passes per lifetime. Guest passes are $20 at the Front Desk and give you access to our pickleball courts, fitness center, free play, and the rest of the facility (excluding the pool).


For updates and alerts, email “pickleball updates” to DavidJ[at]SCCLive.org

Pickleball Schedule


Pickleball Rules

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Pickleball Court

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